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Southern Enduro Mashup - Return to Head Down!

Having spent the whole season raving about racing Southern Enduro (SE) it shouldn’t have surprised me when all the ‘Secret Weapons’ signed up for the Mashup enduro.  The fact that it was an ‘extra’ race in the season already made it feel like a party but being able to share it with my regular riding buddies was going to be awesome, just as it had been racing with my local mate Tom in the last Round.  Let me enlighten you as to what a Mashup enduro is: it’s a free-for-all! Three stages, five hours and you can race them in whatever order you like, when you like and with whom you like. Ride all three stages at least twice and the fastest two runs on each are your race times: job done!

Getting up in the dark, bleary eyed at 5am, the race-day banter between Spencer, Darryl, Will and I got the excitement building as we prepared to set off for Head Down, Hampshire and it didn’t let up all day. Damo and his son Joel had gone down the night before and camped in the van; the rest of us car shar…

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